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My Services

Birth Support

  • Once you have hired me, I am "on call" for you starting a few weeks before your due date. My car is gassed up, my doula bag is at the ready, and my phone is always within reach.
  • When labor starts and you call me, I will come to your house and help you and your partner manage early labor
  • I'll also help you decide when to go to the hospital or birth center (or when the midwife needs to come, in the case of a home birth).
  • I stay with you through active labor and the delivery of your baby.
  • After your baby is born and you and your partner are ready for privacy, I will make arrangements for a postpartum visit and then let you get acquainted with your new baby.

Quality Back-up

Sometimes the unforeseen happens: illness, family emergency. Sometimes a long-planned weekend trip occurs close to your due date.

Why not plan on it? I work closely with a small group of doulas whose work I trust. As soon as you hire me, I also arrange for someone in my circle to be the back-up for your labor.

Birth setting availability

I can provide emotional, informational, and physical support for births in hospitals (including cesareans) and birth centers, as well as in your home.  I am not available for deliberately unassisted births (free births).


Reliable referral for placental encapsulation

Please let me know if you desire placental encapsulation. Several doulas in my circle provide this service, and I can easily make those arrangements.