Staying Hydrated and Nourished: Important for Moms and Partners

When a woman goes into labor, her support team (caregivers, family, doula) will reminder her stay hydrated and nourished. "Remember, labor is very challenging physically," they will say as they ply her with small bites of applesauce, graham crackers, juice, water.

The same applies to partners, too. One of my first clients in the 1990s, a woman expecting twins, had a request for me. "Please remind my husband to eat."

During labor for their first baby, her husband had sent out for a pizza. When it arrived, the nurse refused to let him bring it into the labor room (hospital unnamed to protect the guilty). "The smell will nauseate your wife," she scolded him. Probably true -- women in labor have a very sharp sense of smell, and often nothing smells good.

But the poor guy. He was famished. He had not eaten for hours. While the pizza languished at the nurses' station, he fainted. 

Granted, he probably had other choices, but my point is -- dads, partners, helpers -- if you're going to be with that laboring woman, eat. What you're eating may not smell great to her, but the specter of you swooning will haunt her the rest of her days. And it won't be that great for you, either!

So -- everybody drink and eat. It makes for a better day.

Paula Moyer