"CD(DONA)": It's official!

What doulas do: They get up in the night. It's what we do. I'm on call for the next 24 hours as a volunteer doula. So I don't sleep well on those nights, and sometimes I check my email. And what should greet me? The loveliest email from the Doulas of North America (DONA) who reviewed my application to be certified as a birth doula. "CONGRATULATIONS," the email began, yes, in upper-case.

So I'll be printing new business cards that say: "Paula Moyer, CD(DONA)." Although anyone can call herself a doula, the letters mean a lot. They mean, among other things, that I hold myself to the DONA standards of practice and code of ethics, that I have the patience and stamina to go through the certification process (and why wouldn't a doula need patience?), and that I am in sisterhood with an awesome group of dedicated women.

The hand you see is that of my sister-in-law, Carmen Moyer, who was in town when I submitted my application. She was my "checker," to make sure that my application was complete. Everyone going through this process needs a checker, as you can see from the documentation I submitted.

More later! So happy to be here.

Paula Moyer, CD(DONA)

Paula Moyer