The DONA Certification Journey -- nearing completion!

A few months ago I wrote about being "sidelined" due to a broken ankle. Been there, done that, and back in the game!

And now the game is -- completing the task of becoming certified by DONA (Doulas of North America International, as a birth doula. When I bought my certification packet in October, 2016, I was shocked that a person gets two whole years from the purchase of the packet to submit an application. Who would need that much time?  I wondered.

Well, yours truly did need nearly that much time. The reason is that, simply put, life intervenes, including broken ankles. But here I am. When I submit my application, It will consist of 17 items, which range all the way from small things like the check for the application fee (small in that checks are small pieces of paper, but not in the amount on the check!) to large, like the 15-pp. list that I composed of area resources. I haven't counted the pages yet, but I hope you can see from the photo that the application is pretty hefty. 

As with any professional society, one could (and should) ask the relevance of the certification requirements. My answer at this point would have multiple points.  First, as a doula, I should be able to demonstrate my patience for lengthy processes -- ya think? Second, communicating with a certifying body is a way to practice communicating with my clients: if I can't communicate with other "birthy" folks, how am I going to communicate with prospective mothers and their families? And finally -- oh, honey, just get over yourself. Be humble. Play well with others.

My sister-in-law, proofreader extraordinaire, will be in town this week. I've tasked her with helping me go over my application and make sure that it is complete per the DONA checklist, organized, and accessible.

On my way! Wish me well!

Paula Moyer