Exit Lucille Balll, enter Loretta Young

When I was a youngster, Loretta Young was the epitome of a suave, gracious lady. The generation before me, she was in films. But I knew her as the star of her weekly television show. She would swoop into her living room gracefully, usually wearing a pearl necklace. You would never imagine her being awkward or doing what I was doing last week: forgetting things, leaving a trail of things to pick up everywhere she went. No, Loretta Young did everything right and with no show of effort at all.

So after all of my Lucille Ball moments last weekend, this week I am the Loretta Young of the doula world. Some of the evaluation forms I needed have been coming back in with high marks. I've crossed a couple more items off my doula certification checklist. This spring, I should be on my way to having "CD(DONA)" after my name.

While certification is not necessary, it adds credibility. It shows that one can "play well with others" and respect criteria and chains of command. Things that Loretta Young would do without thinking twice about it.

Look out world. Here she comes.

Paula Moyer