Channeling my inner Lucille Ball

As I set goals for my doula business, I am finding that I am really poor at multi-tasking. And it's amazing how many tasks are really multi-tasks in disguise.

For example, last fall I decided that building my business was my new job, and that part of that "new job" was to complete the items on my checklist for certification by Doulas of North America (DONA). Ah, but see how smoothly I put "items" in as if that were one task? I got overwhelmed and stalled out. So then I looked at completing just one step. It involved a lot of typing and a trip to Kinko's So -- see, even that is more than one step and needs further breaking down: 1) type 2) go to Kinko's. (I still call it Kinko's even though it's officially FedEx.) For those of us who are easily overwhelmed, breaking things down is essential.

Ah, here it gets crazy. Before going to Kinko's, I had to gas up my car. After that, while in the Kinko's parking lot, I realized that, for the first time in my life, I had not put on the gas cap. A phone call to the gas station revealed that it was gone, gone, gone.

So I did my coping, organized my materials into cute, color-coordinated and tabbed files with a hinged clamp ("bulldog clamp") holding each section together. Fine. Mission accomplished. Then off to the dealer to get a gas cap. Mission accomplished again. On to home to do doula-business things. 

Not so fast. Somehow (how? why?) I had left my copying at the dealer. Unlike the gas station, the dealer was hanging on to my bag for me. The guys at the service desk commiserated. 

Finally -- home. One more check down.  Believe it or not, I really am a good doula. This is just miy version of stage fright.




Paula Moyer